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Install WordPress from cPanel (step by step guide)

Install WordPress from cPanel

Before digging into install WordPress from cPanel, Firstly let’s discover why do we need WordPress.

WordPress features:

  • The most popular content management system (CMS), therefore you will find themes, plugins and widgets (free or paid) easily for your site.
  • Has a big community behind it, Therefore it will last for long time.
  • Developed using PHP programming language, Therefore the learning curve for this PHP language is very fast.
  • Was built mainly for blogging but now you will find it everywhere at every field even in e-commerce sites, therefore whatever your site’s field you will find it easy to use WordPress.
  • You don’t need WordPress developer to install it or deal with it ,\ therefore you will find it easy and exciting dealing with WordPress.

In conclusion, I would recommend WordPress for your new site for the previously mentioned reasons.

Install WordPress using cPanel

Time needed: 15 minutes

In addition to what mentioned above, you don’t need any development skills to install WordPress at all, you are some steps away from installing it, here you will learn how to install it on cPanel.

  1. Login to your cPanel account

    Open cPanel login page and fill your credentialsInstall WordPress from cPanel - step 1

  2. From software section please choose WordPress

    Install WordPress from cPanel - step 2

  3. WordPress Installations dashboard

    You will see the WordPress installation dashboard, there you will find list of old WordPress installations so you can manage.
    Here we will click on `Install` to install new WordPress.Install WordPress from cPanel - step 3

  4. Fill Software setup details

    Choose WordPress version and path for this installation.Install WordPress from cPanel - step 4

  5. Fill site settings and create admin account

    Fill site name, description, admin details and also check if you need wordpress multisite or not.Install WordPress from cPanel - step 5

  6. Choose site language and pre-installed plugins

    Choose site language and you will find some plugins to be installed.Install WordPress from cPanel - step 6

  7. [Optional] Choose advanced settings

    This is an optional section that you don’t need to change anymore but if you know what each item is for, sure you can change them.
    Fields like database name, database prefix and I would recommend enabling auto-updates for WordPress core and plugins also.Install WordPress from cPanel - step 7

  8. Select WordPress theme

    Here you will find list of default theme that you can install into your site, you can read our tips related to choosing WordPress theme.Install WordPress from cPanel - step 8

  9. Installation is on it’s way

    Install WordPress from cPanel - step 9

  10. WordPress site is live now

    Install WordPress from cPanel - step 10

  11. Check your installation settings

    Here you will find your installation settings and links for frontpage and admin page.Install WordPress from cPanel - step 11

In conclusion, We started this article firstly with knowing the advantages of WordPress over any other CMS, After that we started to install it from cPanel without any development skills, In addition we tried to make our tips here using screenshots so it’d be easy to follow them one by one professionally.

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